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Buffered Anesthetic Delivery System

Anutra Medical

The Buffered Anesthetic Challenge

Anutra’s founders presented us with a challenge to develop a system that would efficiently and aseptically allow lidocaine to be buffered at point of use. The goal of this system was to speed up the onset of anesthesia and improve patient experience by reducing the pain of injection.

Our Buffering Anesthetic Delivery System Development Process

The key to the success of this delivery system is its ability to utilize off the shelf drugs in their existing primary packaging. This not only increased efficiency when preparing a buffered lidocaine mixture, but it also greatly simplified the original concept of this system, reducing timeline and cost. We designed and developed three products that work together as a system: The Anutra Dispenser, which allows dentists to measure out a precise dose of buffered anesthetic, The Anutra Cassette, designed to precisely mix lidocaine with epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate to effectively buffer local anesthetics, and The Anutra Syringe, offering multiple dose delivery and providing haptic feedback to tell the user how much volume has been delivered.

Antura Buffering Anestethic Device Outcome

A full buffered anesthetic delivery system that utilizes off the shelf multidose containers to aseptically and efficiently to allow a dentist to prepare a mixture of buffered lidocaine.

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