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Connected/Electric Syringe Accessory

Assure Technologies

The Syringe Challenge

Medication dosing errors are not uncommon in neonatal and early pediatric patients. Current methods for measuring drug volume within a syringe are susceptible to both human and equipment error. When administering very small amounts of a drug, as is common for neonatal and pediatric patients, it becomes increasingly difficult to get an accurate measurement. Dr. Eckel of Assure Technologies wanted to create a solution that would provide a more accurate and precise measurement of drug volume and improve patient safety by reducing medication errors.

The Process of Developing Syringe Attachments & Accessories

Gilero was tasked with developing a syringe accessory that could use standard syringes and measure the exchange of drug volume in and out of the syringe. Before starting concept development, we researched the workflow of pharmacists and clinicians when preparing or administering a medication. Understanding current workflows and benchmarking similarities helped us to determine how a connected syringe accessory might fit into a hospital or pharmacy setting and be adopted by users. We then researched possible technologies based on cost, form factor, power consumption, and scalability. Based on that research, our engineers chose the most appropriate technology to develop engineering models, electrical engineering documentation, firmware, and then a prototype. Our team was able to design, develop, and build prototypes to demonstrate the capabilities of this connected medical device. Product development is in progress.

The Electric or Connect Syringe Accessory Case Study Outcome

Precynge, as the device is called, can precisely measure small volumes of a drug without relying upon gravimetric or manual measurement. The final iteration of Precynge will be handheld and rechargeable with an easy-to-read display and many other connected features that will streamline workflows and reduce medication errors.

Connected Syringe Accessory FAQs:

What are the parts of a syringe?

A syringe is a medical instrument composed of several essential parts. At its core is the barrel, which is typically made of clear or translucent material and marked with volume measurements. The plunger is a movable component that fits inside the barrel, featuring a handle or thumb rest for controlling the fluid’s movement. Attached to the front end of the barrel is the needle, a sharp, pointed tube used for piercing the skin or membranes to deliver or withdraw fluids from the body. Ensuring secure attachment to the syringe, the hub connects the needle to the barrel. The syringe’s functionality and precision are determined by the cooperation of these integral parts.

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