Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Gilero’s engineers created a manufacturing process for an off the shelf nasal spray bottle to be compatible with an existing manufacturing equipment system. The process uses nests in order to lift and navigate the nasal spray bottle to the appropriate location. The nozzle is placed on the bottle via an automated aseptic filling process and once that is complete, the bottle is removed from the nest, resulting in a fully assembled device.

While the design and development team was creating a product to meet manufacturing needs, our Human Factors engineers were assessing the overall usability of the nasal spray via a formative study. It was clear that some participants in the study were not properly positioning the nozzle and dispersing the medicine in the appropriate area of the nasal cavity. To correct these actions, Gilero authored new Instructions for Use (IFU) and designed a removable training piece (which was optimized for manufacturing, specifically injection molding manufacturing) for new device users. The training piece would help direct the medicine to the appropriate area of the nose, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the user.

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