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Needle-free Vial Access Device

The Vial Access Device Challenge

Gilero was approached by a medical product company with the challenge to develop vented and non-vented vial access devices. The goal was for the devices to have a secure connection between syringes and pharmaceutical vials as well as reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and contamination.  

The Needleless Vial Device Development Process

Gilero developed a novel needle-free vial access device with a shrouded spike design that ensures easy attachment to the vial and increases the force required for the removal of the device. Both the non-vented and vented vial access devices utilize a dual-lumen spike that minimizes the residual drug in the vial. The devices feature medical-grade materials with high chemical resistance and a variety of connection options (such as male and female needle-free valves and standard male and female luers.) The vented vial access device uses a filter that neutralizes pressure within the vial and minimizes surface contamination and aerosols.  

During the design for manufacturing (DFM) process, Gilero’s engineers developed a unique injection mold tooling method for the vial access devices. The tooling method was then implemented with one of Gilero’s manufacturing partners to produce the custom components and be assembled under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  

The Needle-Free Vial Access Device Outcome

Overall, Gilero designed and developed a novel vial access device that reduces the risk of Health Care Providers (HCPs) being exposed to harmful chemicals and pharmaceutical leaks. 

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