Gilero Ventures allows us to partner with customers whose values and vision align with ours. We partner with startups, doctors, inventors, universities and hospitals to design and develop their medical device projects, and help bring products to market that may not have had the funding or capabilities to get there otherwise. These partnerships bring additional value to all of our customers, both large and small, by putting more medical device and drug delivery/combination products in the position to be brought to market and/or acquired by larger companies. We are pleased to serve our customers through Gilero Ventures.

Yukon Medical

One of Gilero’s founders, Todd Korogi, leads Yukon Medical. Gilero Ventures helped support Yukon Medical’s efforts to develop and commercialize a full line of safe handling devices and systems for hazardous drugs. It was this process that established the basis for Gilero Ventures, as a way for Gilero to bring more value to existing customer relationships. Today, Yukon is a successful medical device company focusing on drug preparation and delivery devices.

Forge Medical

The VasoStat hemostasis device from Forge Medical offers a better way to achieve hemostasis. VasoStat was designed and developed by Gilero, while working closely with an interventional radiologist and the founder of Forge Medical. After launching VasoStat, the Forge Medical team chose to partner with Gilero Ventures for the continued commercialization and sales support of this product.

623 Medical

Gilero Ventures partnered with an accomplished physician and inventor to turn his idea for a sterile, single use vapocoolant spray, that could reduce the pain associated with needle procedures, into a commercialized product. Gilero executed the design and development of this device, which was later named nüm. After finalizing development and achieving 510(k) regulatory clearance, Gilero successfully transferred the design to manufacturing. Nüm is now being manufactured by Gilero and is on the way to becoming a commercial success with a national distribution team behind it.