Design Transfer and Manufacturing Transfer

Design Transfer

The design transfer to manufacturing process is an important stepping stone on the pathway to commercialization. Gilero’s in-house design transfer team is staffed with engineering experts that have a deep understanding of both product development and manufacturing processes. Our goal is to improve efficiencies before and after design transfer, ensuring that the design is ready for routine production as soon as it reaches the manufacturer.

Our design transfer team can do more than simply manage the handoff from design to manufacturing. We can interface with design and development teams early on to ensure they are designing for manufacturability and with cost targets in mind. Getting involved at this point in the process will help set the project up for a smoother transition to manufacturing, making it more likely that the desired timeline and budget can be achieved.

We don’t like downtime and delays, and we know our clients don’t either. Working with Gilero’s dedicated design transfer team means fewer setbacks, less downtime, and higher yields when it comes to routine manufacturing.

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