Medical Device Packaging Services

Providing packaging solutions for medical devices and combination products is one of the key offerings in Gilero’s suite of medical manufacturing services. At Gilero, we recognize that the right packaging is not just a convenience but a critical component of ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance of medical devices and combination products. Our comprehensive suite of medical manufacturing services includes tailored packaging solutions, reflecting our commitment to delivering end-to-end excellence. From protecting against environmental factors to meeting stringent industry standards, our thoughtfully designed packaging plays a pivotal role in maintaining product integrity and patient well-being.

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Our Medical Packaging Services

  • Packaging design and development
  • Label design and printing
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
  • Sterilization management
  • Drug handling, labeling, and kitting
  • Drug-device combination product packaging
  • Combination product convenience kitting
  • Dedicated form, fill, and seal packaging lines
  • Vertical fill and seal
  • Pouch sealing
  • Tray sealing and semi-rigid tray forming
  • Vacuum or nitrogen purged sealing
  • In-house package testing (dye penetration, bubble emission, burst, creep, thermal conditioning, ship testing, etc.)
  • Cold chain storage and monitoring

Medical Packaging Equipment

  • Multivac R240 for high speed thermoform (FFS) packaging
  • Validated heat sealers, impulse bar sealers, and Urania continuous rotary sealers
  • Tommy Nielsen 501-FSX thermoforming/sealing machine
  • Fully automated visual and touch probe-based inspection equipment (multiple machines including MicroVu Vertex 342)
  • Carleton Cobham seal strength tester (burst and creep testing)
  • Pneumatic open package test fixture and closed package test fixture
  • Ametek/Chatillon tensile testing equipment
  • Texture Technologies TA.XT & TA.HD tensile testing machines
  • Inline and standalone label printers


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Where We Conduct Medical Device Packaging Design & Manufacturing

We have a range of packaging capabilities and equipment in-house at our domestic manufacturing facility in Pittsboro, NC and our international facility in Tijuana, Mexico, including packaging design, labeling, package testing, semi-automated thermoforming and sealing equipment, vision inspection equipment, and more.

Our Pittsboro and Tijuana manufacturing facilities are equipped with 9,000 and 14,000 square feet of ISO Class 8 cleanroom space, respectively, giving us the option to package devices inside or outside of a cleanroom environment. We can provide sterile packaging or non-sterile packaging services depending on product requirements.

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