Improvised Cotton Facemask and 3D Printed Face Shield: Step-by-Step Instructions

As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm communities on a global scale, PPE for healthcare workers and caregivers is in short supply.  Gilero has developed designs for an improvised cotton facemask and a 3D printed face shield that can be used when medical grade PPE is not available.  We want to emphasize that the improvised cotton facemask does not offer the same level of protection as an N95 mask and should not be used if an N95 mask is available.  When worn in conjunction with a face shield, this improvised facemask can provide some protection to HCP.

Instructions to make an improvised facemask out of a cotton t-shirt can be found here:

CAD files needed to 3D print the face shield components have been shared to several open source sites. The CAD files can be viewed and downloaded here:

Assembly instructions for the 3D printed face shield, as well as instructions for making a visor out of a two-liter soda bottle, can be found here:

If you or your company has access to 3D printers and you’d like to provide face shield components for Gilero to assemble and distribute to healthcare workers, please contact to see how you can help.

We recognize that improvised PPE is not a solution to long term shortages.  Gilero is working diligently to design, develop and manufacture a number of other products including reusable respirators, goggles and an emergency ventilator.

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