Thomas Blackburn

Thomas Blackburn

Senior Product Development Engineer - Integrated Systems

Thomas has been a part of the Gilero team since 2011. As a Senior Product Development Engineer for Integrated Systems, Thomas does a little bit of everything at Gilero. He focuses heavily on technical problem solving and is skilled in CAD, chemistry, coding, prototyping, machining, calibration and maintenance, as well as the development of test methods, system architecture and firmware. He is listed as an inventor on two patents, one of which utilizes 3 robots that he designed, built, coded and commissioned. Thomas has great expertise in drug delivery systems, infusion pumps, ophthalmic implant delivery, and mobile app development. Thomas graduated from North Carolina State University where he earned his BS in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Medical Instrumentation. Thomas is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, and climbing. He also designs and builds drones for fun.

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