The Importance of User Feedback – 3 Misuses of Pen Devices

Written By: David Orenstein, Human Factors Engineer for Gilero It can be difficult sometimes to see the value in usability testing. As devices are developed they seem so simple to the engineering team developing them; or the complexities are so justified it wouldn’t make sense to do...

19 Feb, 2019

User Research: It Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Written By: Thomas Stokes, PhD When it comes right down to it, if you are making medical devices, performing good user research and formative studies in addition to validation studies is the smart choice. User research and formative studies provide valuable insights about users, their tasks, the...

15 Jan, 2019

A Case for Placing a Higher Priority on Human Factors in the Medical Device Design Process

Written By: Mike Chambers, Product Development Engineer at Gilero I may be a new engineer to the medical device field, but the discussion I’ve observed in the industry over the past few years indicates the landscape is changing quickly. Some examples of recent changes that we’ve already...

29 Dec, 2018