Engineering Capabilities

Gilero provides contract design, development and manufacturing services for innovative devices in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in the areas of drug delivery, combination products, medical devices, minimally invasive surgical tools and electromechanical systems. Skilled engineering teams, including dedicated mechanical and electrical engineers focused on design, product development, quality and manufacturing, allow us to service medtech customers around the world.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering experts have designed electronic medical devices and systems for a variety of products such as infusion pumps and cassettes, dialysis systems, electronic inhalers, wearable smart sensors, and a blood processing system. Depending on customer needs, we can develop an entire electromechanical system from scratch or work on just one component of a device.

Electrical Engineering Capabilities
  • System architecture
  • Schematic development
  • Electrical engineering design
  • Printed circuit board design
  • PCB and PCBA prototyping
  • Sensing solutions for temperature, pressure, touch, proximity, level, gas, optical, etc.
  • Motion control
  • Process automation
  • RF communication (WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee, Cellular)

Mechanical Engineering

Gilero takes a holistic approach to the design and development of complex medical and drug delivery devices. Technical, usability, regulatory, and business requirements are considered from day one in our process. Engineers working on mechanical design often collaborate with our human factors, quality, manufacturing, electrical and software engineering experts to produce the most effective solutions for our customers.

Mechanical Engineering Capabilities
  • Mechanical design and testing of components, assemblies, and packaging
  • Plastics, elastomers, and metal components
  • User-centered design and human factors expertise
  • Early concept development
  • Detailed 3D CAD and modeling of components
  • 2D drawings and drafting
  • Engineering analysis using FEA, CFD, and other simulation methods
  • Prototyping and pilot builds
  • Housings and enclosures for electronic medical devices
  • Assembly equipment, fixtures, and process development
  • Additive manufacturing, machining fabrication and assembly

Software & Firmware Engineering

As electromechanical medical devices and drug delivery systems become increasingly complex, the ability to produce intuitive, reliable and robust software is critical.  Our team has developed standalone applications, software for control systems, embedded software and embedded firmware in the medtech space.

Software & Firmware Engineering Capabilities
  • Embedded software and firmware development
  • Software verification and validation
  • Embedded systems design
  • GUI development with consideration to human factors and usability
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Algorithm development
  • Application development
  • Programming languages (C/C++, Java, Swift, Python, Verilog/VHDL, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Simulink)
  • Operating systems (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, embedded RTOS)

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