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Grant Leffingwell

Director, Human Factors & Design

As the Director of Human Factors and Design, Grant provides support and leadership to the human factors team at Gilero, ensuring we provide top-notch usability engineering to our medical and drug delivery device clients. Grant is passionate about understanding how users think, work, and make decisions so that he can create a better user experience. In his words, he is “obsessed with getting it right” for the end user. For the healthcare industry in particular, the success or failure of a product can sometimes be measured in lives saved or by the improvements in a patient’s quality of life, so “getting it right” is crucial. Grant takes findings from market research, user studies, interviews, participatory design sessions, and any other user data and translates that information into meaningful design inputs for product development teams. Prior to joining Gilero, Grant spent 19 years as a human factors scientist conducting human factors research for a wide variety of commercial, industry, and government partners. This includes more than 12 years spent in medtech, working to improve the usability of medical devices. He has an array of experience observing user behavior in different capacities, including usability studies, anthropometric studies, and behavioral science. Grant graduated from Columbus State University, earning a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication with a focus in Usability and User Experience. He is also a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA). Outside of the office, Grant enjoys traveling and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

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